Sugarfree Google

What I really mean with that title is that Google does not sugar coat information. A disadvantage to knowing that all the answers (and anything someone could want to know) can be found online is the compulsive desire to search for the information. Sometimes knowing the absolute truth can be depressing. Sadly, I have found myself wasting hours sometimes to find the answer or story I want, not always the answer I can find. Trying to get to the truth can be confusing. I have enjoyed the amusing commercials for Microsoft Bing – Search Overload Syndrome.

Students need guidance in finding information and being able to judge the accuracy of the information. I still remember when a student turned in a mini-country report saying all cell phones explode when used in Puerto Rico. She thought it was a real fact and did not realize that checking answers with a second source is a good idea. I am sure she learned her lesson now.

Adults make the same mistake. There have been many times where people have talked about “breaking news” without having all the facts. Blogs and forums can be a useful source of information, but they are only as reliable as the source. They should not be used as an only source. News without context or background is gossip.


About Lisa Butler

Middle school teacher of Social Studies and Spanish, tech trainer, Flocabulary MC, Nearpod PioNear, and Edcamp Hershey Founder. I have embraced the power of blogging and reviewing products. If I am not doing something with ed or tech, I am probably reading, baking, running, or traveling.
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