Promethean Tips

Promethean Planet has a useful and easy to understand/follow help section.


  • Groups and Pulleys – Highlight multiple objects, from the menu select group. To make it only more horizontal or vertical, go to the properties menu and select restrictors. The move path default is freely, but you can change it in the drop down menu. I used this for vocabulary words. I want the students to be able to see the Spanish words before the English definitions. Now the English is off the screen, and it can be dragged on.
  • Camera Magic – Loved the demo with the treasure chest that you can pull out words. I think I will do a school locker and student pull out vocab words/items they would have in their locker. They need to correctly give me the translation or Spanish name of the object. All I will need to remember is to create a back layer and the front layer using the image of the locker. The words/images will be the middle layer.
    • I successfully created a clothing review. I had a suitcase filled with hidden clothes. The students can pull the clothing items out of the suitcase. Any time the cursor is on the object, the Spanish word will appear. I am so proud of my work I am going to upload it to Promethean Planet so others could use it.
  • Hidden Text and Captions – in image properties, you can add a caption. It will only show up when the students scroll over the image. I am going to use this with expressions of courtesy and greetings, all I need are cartoon people and speech bubbles. The hidden text is similar. It only shows up when an object is clicked. If I had a map of the world, and I wanted to label the Spanish speaking countries, I would need to use the camera function and take photos of the specific parts of the map. When they are placed on top of the map, it looks like one map, but has the roll over capabilities. There are many interactive maps online – so I would probably choose to use this with something else.
    • I included roll over captions with my clothing review activity described above. It is perfect, they see the word as they pull the object out of the suitcase, yet I can still ask them later to review since it does not stay on the screen.
  • Embedding Video – I love the ability to pull screen shots out of video. Embedding the video will be easy. Finding videos that I am able to download will be a little more challenging. Traditionally I have used YouTube for finding videos. I may have to switch to TeacherTube so I have the option to download.
  • Recording Video – this is an easy screen cast tool built in through ActivInspire. I like Jing for screencasts, but I am sure there are sometimes it will be advantageous to have the tool built in. If either of these embed in WordPress blogs, I happily use that so I can show absent students what they missed.

Promethean Planet also has tip sheets for basic help/ideas.

The clock function (being able to count up and/or count down) will be great for timed activities in class, like the 5 minute timed writing we do with all the grades.

Rub and Reveal is also another good idea. I can see the students enjoying using the pen to rub away to show the hidden message.


  • Scratch off ‘Lotto’ Card while we practice Spanish numbers.
  • Items/Pictures hidden – answer question get a chance to erase a little of the picture. Double points if they can guess what the picture is.
  • Bingo call sheet – will need to have multiple versions.

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