Wish List for Glogster Edu

I used Glogster Edu for the first time with my entire 6th grade class today.

Assignment: Students had to write 4 sentences in Spanish “I am … you are … we are … and Senorita is …” They wrote their sentences in GoogleDocs and shared it with me and I left comments for them. They had to edit the sentences. After they had perfect sentences, they were allowed to use the computer generated student log in for Glogster Edu. I gave them minor directions, but wanted to see what they could do on their own. I will provide further instructions tomorrow.

With all this said, there are some minor changes that would make Glogster Edu a better tool for the classroom. I also created a Glog with my wish list. I know they are releasing Glogster Edu 2.0 on November 14th, and I hope it addresses some of the issues.

  • Load trouble: Some of my students had trouble logging on. Since I started writing this post, I have not been able to log on at all. An unreliable tool messes up entire lesson plans. I am flexible, but I am not willing to keep working with something that is broken.
  • Issues saving: Glogster Edu allows you to create a glog without having an account. This is horrible for the student accounts because they do not have user names or passwords are easy to remember. The last few minutes of class I had multiple students who had not logged in. While that was the instruction, 6th graders sometimes miss the details. Glogster Edu should either force students to log in or students should be able to change their user name and password but still be connected to the teacher.
  • Zero Glogs: Because all the Glogster Edu glogs are private, when I pull up the student list it says that all the students have zero glogs. I have to open each individual profile to see what they create. This is time consuming since I have 150 students total. In my ‘Friend Feed’ I need to be able to see the private posts of students.
  • Embed Code: As a teacher, it would be beneficial to have the embed code for my students’ blogs. We have a class wiki, but they do not have editing rights because most of them do not have personal email accounts. I would love to be able to embed great examples of student glogs. I am sure I can come up with a work around, but it would be easier if I had easy access to the embed code.
  • Gender Confusion: All the students are labeled with the same gender as the teacher and there is no way to change it. I had an sixth grade boy who was upset that the computer ‘accused him of being a girl.’

About Lisa Butler

Middle school teacher of Social Studies and Spanish, tech trainer, Flocabulary MC, Nearpod PioNear, and Edcamp Hershey Founder. I have embraced the power of blogging and reviewing products. If I am not doing something with ed or tech, I am probably reading, baking, running, or traveling.
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One Response to Wish List for Glogster Edu

  1. All of the above issues should be resolved by next week. All glogs have embed code under them now. Let me know if you have trouble finding it. Thanks for using Glogster EDU!

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