Still jealous of ISTE

I almost couldn’t tolerate hearing the gloating of my PLN during ISTE; and by gloating I mean the non-stop sharing of the powerfully potential ideas they were sharing on Twitter. I guess it was better to hear about the resources second-hand than not at all. I guess. But I still have ISTE envy.

My graduate resource is focusing on providing curriculum centered technological resources in a 1-to-1 classroom that is not centered on a textbook.

ISTE 10 Recap: From Add-on Technology to Essential Technology: Constructing a 1-to-1 Aware Curriculum.

The greatest challenge we face as educators is to teach ALL kids.  We need to teach kids “brain jobs” not “back jobs”.  This is 21st Century skills and content.

This is such a visual way to describe the difference between the jobs of the past and the jobs that the students need to be prepared for.

In a classroom using 1 to 1 mobile devices, not a single child failed to turn in a single homework assignment all year.  Why did that happen? Because they are engaged.

Where was this? This is not my experience, at least not all the time. Eventually the novelty of having 1:1 devices starts to wear off. I would agree that the students stay engaged longer, but I had plenty of students who choose not to do the work.

It is about the kids, not the technology.  Let them use their own tools.

So simple yet so true. I know some days when I read through  my RSS feed, I feel overwhelmed by all the tech options out there.

Another teacher today in class described the difference in how students learn this way:

Education used to be a one way street. The teacher controlled where the class went. Now education is a two way street.

This means giving the students choices. If they are comfortable and excited to use an application – let them. There is no reason to force the medium in which they demonstrate their understanding. The important fact, and it should always be the most important fact, are they demonstrating their knowledge and grasp of the key concepts?

ISTE Program Description

Ten Ways to Boost Learning with Technology this was the article mentioned during the ISTE presentation. Wow. So much information in the short read. There are 10 recommendations or goals for the educational leaders at all levels to strive through. Below that, there is a section on professional development suggestions for teachers. I think this is critical. So many articles talk about what they students need. But the students are never going to be successful with technology if they do not have teachers who are strong and confident with technology themselves.

ISTEVision – although it does not have the specific topic of my research, there are still hours of videos of presentations that are free to view.

Through the Free Technology for Teachers blog I found ISTE Unplugged – audio recordings for many of the sessions. There were a couple of presentations that will be useful for my research purposes for 1:1 classrooms. I have had  extremely text heavy sources, it will be nice to be able to kick back and enjoy just listening to people. I might even have a cup of coffee and close my eyes.

If I start planning now, I am sure I can find a way to attend ISTE 2011 in Philadelphia. It doesn’t get much easier to plan than here since it is a short train ride from home.

Of course as I was writing this, I noticed a lot of chatter on Twitter about PLEs and their value in a 1:1 classroom. So I followed the trail and love what I found. Across the Atlantic at PLE2010 being held in Barcelona right now. PLE = Personal Learning Environment, yet another three letter acronym to be confused by. However, this one is so clearly defined and student friendly, it probably beats out VLE, SMS, and LMS.

in opposition to Virtual Learning Environments and LMS, they prefer the usage of independent (even if interrelated) web 2.0 applications, following the ‘Software As A Service’ model … with every piece of software supporting the user in a particular task

Serenelli, Fabio; Mangiatordi, Andrea “The OLPC XO laptop as a PLE”

Another great paper from the PLE Conference is Using iphone as my “Personal Mobile Language Learning Environment”:  an exploration and classification of language learning possibilities by Perifanou, Maria.

The learner needs to seek out input in authentic texts and conversations. Input can be found in large
amounts outside formal education.

Many of the iPhone apps she mentions in the paper are connected to websites. More resources that could be utilized in a 1:1 foreign language classroom.

All of this rambling dialogue has led me to the same conclusion: Can I become a professional conference attendee? At least during the summer. While I am adding conference style places I want to attend: the MFL Show and Tell day. I would love to be able to travel the world and absorb all the amazing conversations that are happening. Sometimes they echo each other, but so many times the gathering of unique minds generates such explosive dialogue. Most explosions are a one time thing.


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