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Advice for a Student Teacher

Success of public schools are negatively judged on student test scores; but colleges preparing teachers could be equally judged on the culture shock of student teachers entering a school. Many schools are sadly lacking in preparing new teachers for reality. … Continue reading

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Student Feedback

[This blog post is in response to the Education Tech Carnival] The novelty of using technology is starting to wear off. It is not something that is occasionally and magically pulled out of a hat to enrich a lesson. The … Continue reading

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All day meetings bring out the best and the worst of people. Yesterday at a foreign language department meeting – after a heated discussion about grammar – we came to the agreement that even if we don’t like it (and … Continue reading

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AR Verb Flash Animation

One of the major concepts of 6th grade Spanish is conjugating AR verbs. The students frequently forget to get rid of the AR before adding the correct ending. This animation should help remind them. The text that will go with … Continue reading

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