Voice Space Race

Voice Space Race is a feature being tested in beta on Quizlet. This is perfect for 6th grade students who are slow at typing (I guess this characteristic is not restricted to my younger students). Instead of typing the correct answer, they can just say it.

Two minor problems currently:

1. I tested the voice feature in the quiet of my own house. I do not know how successful it would be in a classroom full of laptops and students excitedly yelling the answers.


2. The pronunciation has to be perfect for the computer to recognize the words. This would be easy for the students if I gave them the Spanish word and they had to say the English word, but it would be much more of a challenge to always correctly pronounce the Spanish vocabulary.  When I was practicing with the Voice Space Race, the only phrase it was never able to recognize was “unos cocineros.”

The technology for the Voice Space Race is being developed by the Spoken Language Group at MIT. Their goal:

“create technology that makes it possible for everyone in the world to interact with computers via natural spoken language.”

The Spoken Language Group website has links to resource and publications to show the progress they are making towards achieving their goal.


About Lisa Butler

Middle school teacher of Social Studies and Spanish, tech trainer, Flocabulary MC, Nearpod PioNear, and Edcamp Hershey Founder. I have embraced the power of blogging and reviewing products. If I am not doing something with ed or tech, I am probably reading, baking, running, or traveling.
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