ISTE Ideas 08/05/2011

  • This website provides a short summary of the main sports that you can find in Spain. There are many similarities and differences to the United States that will provide discussion points in class.

    Tags: sports, spain

    • Bullfighting
      The bullring with its theatrical and sporting elements is considered
      by the population as the second most popular pastime in Spain.
    • Cycling
      This is a sport that competes for second place with Bullfighting,
      after Football, for the most television spectators.
    • Football
      Without question this sport is foremost in the minds of the majority
      of Spaniards and throughout the country
    • The
      game is based on the principle of propelling a hard ball, using a
      basket-like glove at great force against hard high walls, much in
      the manner of squash but without using rackets.

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