EdmodoCon 2011 (again)

This is a continued reflection of EdmodoCon 2011 – the previous quote was just a quick snapshot of what was going on, this is going to include a lot more details, resource links, and ways I plan on implementing Edmodo in my classroom.

Wow! For anyone who missed the opportunity to virtually participate in EdmodoCon it was amazing. I probably logged 8 hours or more with the audio playing while I multi-tasked. I had checked out the schedule and only planned on watching specific sections. Many times the content was so engaging it captivated my entire attention. The Edmodo people said they are going to publish the sessions so anyone who missed it or wants to re-watch can have the opportunity – I would check the Edmodo blog in the near future for more details.

Edmodo in Action

The Road Ahead

  • This is what I mentioned in my previous blog post.
  • Lots of excitement over the new BADGES – which have the potential to powerful motivators. More on this later.
  • Equal amounts of excitement over the upcoming incorporation of GoogleDocs into Edmodo. This is a match made in EdTech Heaven.
  • In the future: Quizzes on Edmodo. It sounded like the same features offered on Moodle quizzes. It will not be fun re-creating everything, but it will be good to have everything in one place.
  • The question of cost in the future was raised by concerned users. The developers say it is free now and it will always be free. That was their mission when they started. They deserve a badge for not going Glogster on the users.

It’s All in the Family

  • A major advantage of Edmodo over Moodle is the parent accounts.
  • You can connect the parent account directly with their individual student using a unique code. It will be easy to email to any interested parent – along with directions for setting it up.
  • They will see what is happening the in class, due dates, assignment descriptions, grades, and most importantly what has or has not been submitted. This is going to take away a lot of surprise at the end of the marking period for parents.
  • To get the parents involved, offer a students a badge for Edmodo@Home.
  • To make sure parents can see what is going on, descriptions for work can be marked public. If students have questions they can respond to a private forum.

Unlock Your Learning Badge

  • Earning badges is powerful motivation in videogames and now it is available in Edmodo. Teachers also earn badges. I got 1st User in School 🙂
  • The grading in a gaming classroom is different. Everyone starts with an “F” and earns experience points to move up to the next level. I might not do this with overall grades, but I think it would be a good idea for grading a project.
  • I have used games in the classroom. The students are highly motivated, especially if they can track their scores against other classmates. Quizlet is my go-to game for vocabulary and simple concept review. Many students created accounts just so they could track progress and if they were beating their friends. Some of the review games can be embedded directly in Edmodo and they have a community.

ELL – 10 Task Challenge

  • These activities were for a English class in Brazil, but the same concepts can be used to teach Spanish in the United States.
  • The lessons have students write, read, listen, and speak in the foreign language.
  • Ana Maria Menezes incorporates different tools in Edmodo to accomplish the language learning goals: Voki, WriteComics, Recordr.TV, Fotobabble, Stixy, GoAnimate, and LiveTyping.
  • The products of the student work can be submitted on Edmodo with the embed code. Which displays the work in once place.

Integrating Digital Tools

  • There were so many great resources modeled here – and the list was shared on the Jog. Many I had heard of, but there were some new resources to check out.
  • I appreciated that she took time to show how to apply the embed code. I could have figured it out, but it was nice to not have to.
  • Seeing the variety of websites that are compatible with Edmodo is great. It has been discouraging using a different LMS that did not play nice with embed codes. It would allow you to think you could embed, but it would not show. That is NOT a problem with Edmodo.
  • The ease for embedding Glogs is awesome … too bad Glogster changed their terms of use. It will be challenging to have students create Glogs – since I have 150 students. I love Edmodo since paying for tools is not a viable option.

Edmodo in 1:1 in Australia

  • This was a strong finish to the day, even after hours and hours I still learned more ideas that can be applied in my classroom.
  • It is easy to create groups and sub groups to serve the specific purpose or the needs of students.
  • Groups do not have to be limited to classes, you could create one for a club or a homework group.
  • Model leaving positive, reflective comments about student work. Encourage them to do it without out forcing it.
  • Encourage students to find and share their own resources that relate to the course. This will help them take ownership of their learning.
  • Edmodo is not just a new tool, it is changes the classroom into a dynamic classroom. It might need a change of methodology for teaching and learning to accomplish this.

OK … brain overload at this point. This summarizes what I learned. The thoughts of how I can apply it in my classroom is still processing and developing. I am probably more excited about the start of school than my students, but once they try Edmodo I am confident they will love it too.


About Lisa Butler

Middle school teacher of Social Studies and Spanish, tech trainer, Flocabulary MC, Nearpod PioNear, and Edcamp Hershey Founder. I have embraced the power of blogging and reviewing products. If I am not doing something with ed or tech, I am probably reading, baking, running, or traveling.
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