GoogleGlass week one

Last Saturday I had a wonderful day trip to New York City to pick up my Google Glass. In the past week I have found many uses for the Glass but also found a few things I wish were different. There is a useful Explorers Community to share the Wish List of features, but writing out my thought process brings clarity. Besides, the tech specs of many of the contributors to the community is above my level of comprehension.
The easiest use of Glass is the ability to take pictures and videos. This is also the feature that worries the general public; people can take pictures without you knowing. Not that I agree with that sentiment, I either have to be mumbling to myself or be taking the side of my face. Not exactly covert actions. The post-borrow photo roll is hilarious after I have let friends try on the glass. Human nature is to keep swiping and clicking, so the danger is not having it in Guest Mode have having these accidentally posted on social media.

PopulationDensity GlassIn the classroom there was a easy tie in with Google Glass and looking at maps of population density. This was the only time I let some of the students try the Glass out. They were so in awe that they did not try to

take selfies. I want to incorporate the Glass into our weekly current event Friday. I am so proud of the curiosity and world view that the students are developing by using the Week in Rap every Friday. They frequently have follow up questions about the countries or groups involved. I’m sure if the students were able to use Glass, their curiosity and desire to seek more answers would increase.

I tried to use the recipe Allrecipe Glassware. The major disadvantage was the lack of measurements. It did nicely walk through each step, but without the necessary quantities it was not very useful. I also struggled to find a way to clear the search history of the recipe. When I tried searching for a second and third recipe, it still displayed the first results. Turning Glass off solved the problem, but that did not seem convenient. I could see Glassware for tutorials, basically non-food recipe. It would be a great way to walk learners through tasks. It could take flipped lessons to a more interactive level.

I love the way a QR code was used to connect to the wi-fi. It would be great if there was a built in QR reader, which seems like a practical extension since you can not type on Glass. But I bet this feature would drain the battery, which already has a preciously if un-predictable short life.

A minor fail is not being able to see the images embedded in emails when you open them up. So many emails are reliant on image and not text alone. What I thought would be easy, like transferring a tracking number from an email into a website on my computer was just frustrating. There were multiple steps to find the email (like scrolling through the long history of pictures, tweets, and emails on Glass). I finally found the desired email to have the undesirable surprise when I opened it up of a blank page. The image did not load.

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 6.09.44 PMIt was fun and chaotic wearing glass during #edtechchat. Seeing responses to my Tweets with the chat conversation flowing in the background was unique. I just wish I could speak replies. Yes, technically that was an option, but the speech-to-text leaves a lot to be desired with punctuation and capitalization. You only have a few seconds to read the tweet before it automatically posts. I found this stressful. Since I use Twitter for my professional communication, I wanted perfection. The speech-to-text is satisfactory for sending “Notes to Self” on Evernote, but it is not fit for the eyes of the public. All of the tidbits for this post were made during the week as notes on Evernote with lots of post-editing and elaborating. I am excited for the potential of next week #throughglass.

About Lisa Butler

Middle school geography teacher, tech trainer, Flocabulary MC, Nearpod PioNear, and Edcamp Hershey Founder. I have embraced the power of purposeful technology and am creative with their application. If I am not doing something with ed or tech, I am probably reading children's books, baking with a toddler sidekick, running around, or dreaming of traveling.
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