Five Themes

The Five Themes of Geography is the first introduction to Geography that the students have. I wanted it to be memorable. I also want to make intentional connections back to it through each unit of the year, so it is important for students to have a solid understanding.

Notes and Study Guides:
We practiced taking Cornell Notes in class, but the success of that is dependent on the student. Even with me modeling it, some students had suspicious gaps in their notes. I created an adaptive version of the notes: it was available for any student who needed it.
I also created two visually unique study guides. The first is like a Five Themes Study Guide, definitions, and examples. It does not sound interesting, but if you cut the bottom stripes up to help study, it looks unique. The second is a Five Themes cootie catcher with four of the five themes, the fifth is on the bottom, but get cut off when you fold up the cootie catcher.
Students have a fairly good understanding of movement, region, and human-environment interaction. The location and place confuse them, not because they are complicated, but because they mix them up.

To make the geography personal and get the students’ attention, I created a class Instagram account (@Geo6HMS). It provides an outlet to showcase the Five Themes through pictures. I’ve had so much fun creating the images. I’m extending the visual ideas into my BYOT Club, our first meeting will be visual design elements on a mobile device. Instead of C.R.A.P. I changed the acronym to C.A.R.P.E. Diem. The ‘Ed’ is EdConnection. With creative projects, it is always important to remind students that they have to tie in the interesting elements back to the learning goal.


Last year I just asked the students to draw a picture to represent the Themes of Geography. However, this year I wanted to let them run with the project. The time required stretched from one day to three, but I was really impressed with the end results. I gave digital and non-digital options, but did not limit the students or burden them with tons of requirements. All I asked for was a visual representation of the Five Themes. Students created posters, iMovies, Keynotes, Prezis, 3D models, photo stories, and more. Here are some student examples linked and embedded:  FiveThemesSlides from Keynote and a Prezi.


About Lisa Butler

Middle school teacher of Social Studies and Spanish, tech trainer, Flocabulary MC, Nearpod PioNear, and Edcamp Hershey Founder. I have embraced the power of blogging and reviewing products. If I am not doing something with ed or tech, I am probably reading, baking, running, or traveling.
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    Hi Lisa,

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    Brooks for Splashtop

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