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I am a middle school Social Studies teacher in Pennsylvania. I previously taught 6 years of Spanish.

I have been teaching for 10 years. I hope to learn from my mistakes (so I don’t make them again) and from the wisdom of other people. I will be blogging about Lessons Learned in the classroom and the daily adventures we have using educational technology in the classroom.

Another teacher suggested using a blog to track my own professional development, and I think that was true wisdom (thanks Art).

I have presented my work at so many conferences and workshops that I have lost count, but you will often find me at local (or road trip accessible) Edcamps, PETE&C in February, and ISTE in June. In 2015 we hosted our first Edcamp Hershey, which I proudly co-founded and look forward to making it a yearly tradition.

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  1. Kris says:

    Hi, I came across your blog while doing research as was wondering if you are willing to look over a few Spanish Apps I’ve made and let me know what you think. I am the lead developer for Teacher’s Discovery, and we just started to publish a few apps and I’m curious to know how we did.

    If you’re interested, please let me know and I will generate a few promo codes so you can take a look. Thanks.

  2. lgb06 says:

    Kris ~ I am very interested. I will email you for more details.

  3. Lisa,

    I am an Instructional Technology Specialist and am trying to assist a Spanish teacher in my district with making connections on edmodo for her class. I saw in your blog that you use edmodo with your classes. Would you be interested in collaborating with a Spanish IV class? Or could you provide suggestions for finding a partner classroom?


  4. Mary Ulloa says:

    Hi Lisa!

    I am so excited that I found your page! You offer wonderful resources and this is exactly what I’m looking to do (to create a blog & website and teach middle school Spanish!). I am a post-bacc Spanish & ESL student at Millersville University and I’m also pursuing an M. Ed in Spanish. I start my professional bloc in the fall and will be student teaching in the spring.

    Anyway, I was thinking of getting started on the whole blog and website idea this summer so that I can also use it to showcase my work and progress over the past year for when I’m looking for a teaching position. I already have a main website that I created about 6 months ago on weebly for professional resume purposes and about 3 months ago my fiance and I started a mostly wedding blog but planning to shift it towards the direction of everything regarding our relationship (that we are willing to post publicly). My point is that I do have experience working with blogs and websites so I’m really looking forward to implementing this idea-specifically for classroom lesson plans and so on.

    Do you have any suggestions for future educators like myself regarding technology use and perhaps some insight on things you wish you would have done that you didn’t…

    I’m really looking forward to your response! Can’t wait to discover more awesome things as I navigate through your website and blog! =]


    • Mary Ulloa says:

      I meant to say fall of 2012 and will be student teaching spring of 2013 (i didn’t really clarify that the first time).

    • lgb06 says:

      Your enthusiasm and willingness to create is inspiring. One thing to remember as you move forward: teachers are held to really high standards with professionalism even outside the classroom. Figure out which tools you want to use for friends and which tools you will reserve for professional. It just makes it easier. There have been a couple websites that have changed minor privacy settings, but it means students can see more than intended. There have not been any embarrassing or regretful outcomes, but it is less stress to just keep it separate. In my case I use my blog, Twitter, and G+ for professional connections and Facebook and Pinterest for friends.
      Explore & sign up for anything that looks remotely interesting. There are an endless number of websites (and smart phone apps) for education and Spanish. My philosophy is to sign up now and explore when I have a chance. Many great websites start out free while they run beta tests than charge when they have a full release. It is equally fun and frustrating to use a new website, but the developers need feedback, and I can deal with a few set backs for the price (of free).
      Last bit of rambling advice – create and connect with a PLN. There are Spanish teachers from around the world who can offer advice. Follow blogs, join Twitter, take part in free professional development. There are so many great resources you can not discover them all on your own, so use the collective wisdom of a PLN.
      Best luck in everything you are doing. I’m glad you have found resources on my blog to help you out.

  5. Hi Lisa-
    My name is Michael Mallon and I’m interning this summer with Qrency, Inc. Our new product Qramel is a fantastic way to integrate technology into the language classroom, which from my reading of this site is something that you have made great advances in! I would appreciate it if you took just a moment to read the webpage about the product’s use in a world language classroom:
    We would love to send you some samples and see what you think of Qramel. Thanks!

    Michael Mallon
    Qrency, Inc. | Qramel App
    Cornell Class of 2014

  6. Mauro Pasi says:


    My name is Mauro Pasi and I just found your blog from twitter. I work for myHistro, a website that lets users create geolocated timelines that we think are a great free resource for teachers.

    They aren’t particularly good for language classes (unless you want to create a history of the language timeline) but they are really cool for social studies, both for the teacher to present to the class or as an assignment for the students.

    We would appreciate your feedback and help in spreading the word.

    Best Regards,

    Mauro Pasi

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