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Free Range Google

No, Free Range Google is not an official thing … yet, but it is the best way I can think to describe the part of my class where I remove the barriers and let the students wonder and search. This is counter some of the arguments on Twitter recently from my PLN, but that is why I have necessary pre-requisites: Continue reading

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School End Reflection

At the end of the retiree celebration, someone shared a story about walking across the field. A straight line is the quickest, but if you follow your interests and enjoy the things you discover along the way, it would be … Continue reading

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I guess you really don’t realize how much of a game changer BYOT is until you own a smartphone and/or a tablet – in my case, I am the proud and addicted owner of an iPhone and an iPad. For … Continue reading

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Two weeks that altered my teaching

This is going to start off as a tale about digital storytelling, then it is going to detour down a few side tracks. The tale will end with my ah ha moment that will shake and shift my teaching philosophy. … Continue reading

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Fairy Godmother

  I might not have the luxury of being a princess – Disney or otherwise – but I still feel like my wishes can come true. I realize that in this economy, and with the bulging world population, all that … Continue reading

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