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Pre-ISTE Learning

These blog posts are not going to be long, thoughtful reflections. Instead they are the quick snapshots of the sessions/resources so that I can remember them later. Saturday included #HackEd16 and the Mobile Learning Mega Share, as well as casual conversations … Continue reading

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Implementing iAnything (pad, pod touch, phone)

I have read many articles and blog posts, but this post has provided the greatest understanding of the needs for a successful program. Most suggestions apply to a BYOT environment, which is the direction of my district. The parts in bold are snippets from the 20 questions, the commentary around it is my own. Continue reading

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Ten Again

These are my top ten tools for 2012 collected and described for C4LPT. The tools are listed in reverse alphabetic order – not by order of preference. This list has many repeats from last year. The tools with a star … Continue reading

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Still Apps-olutely

Recently I wrote a blog post describing apps that I would recommend for student use in a BYOT classroom. I do not feel like the reflective descriptions would be valuable for a middle school or high school audience, so I … Continue reading

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Apps-olutely Essential

As our district continues on the journey of BYOT, I wanted to put some thought into what I consider the essential education apps for students of all ages. The basic considerations for the apps: can it function across devices, the … Continue reading

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Travel Guide

Travel for me is less about planning out exactly how to get from point A to B (and which destinations to visit along the way) – and more about utilizing tools to make sure that I get from point A to B with the chance to be spontaneous and make the most of traveling. Continue reading

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Flip or Flop?

Flipped classrooms is a trending topic on Twitter and at education/technology conferences. There are pro’s, con’s, and potential roadblocks to success with the flipped classroom. Before I invested time/money on flipping my classroom, I wanted to find out as much … Continue reading

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