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Language Learning & Technology

I have written about the Language Learning & Technology online journal before (previous post), but it is so amazing that it needed to be mentioned again. Currently I am working on a project for my Master’s degree – which probably … Continue reading

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Worthwhile Readings

I first read a tweet on Twitter. Which took me to the Pearson Foundation and their summary of children in the digital world. Many of their findings were things that educators have assumed to be true through general observation, but … Continue reading

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Teachers begin using cell phones for class lessons by AP: Yahoo! Tech

Teachers begin using cell phones for class lessons by AP: Yahoo! Tech Spanish teacher using Cell Phones in class – good descriptions of the activity. tags: cellphone They divided into groups and Leonard began sending them text messages in Spanish: … Continue reading

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I love, love, love using ActivExpressions in the classroom. Mostly because the students still love using them. The are still a new toy; I have only had access to them for the last two weeks, but in that time frame … Continue reading

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What once was just a phone…

To educate myself about the outcry over cell phones and the rationale for traditional bans, I read articles on Textually. Very interesting stuff here. There are articles that provided support and reasons to oppose cell phones in school. This is … Continue reading

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Spanish bullfighting (on a budget)

BBC NEWS | Programmes | From Our Own Correspondent | Spanish bullfighting on a budget In Spain, the recession is testing the nation’s passion for that most cherished of traditions – bullfighting. One at a time, six beasts will be … Continue reading

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Speak Easy

Someone who may (or may not) have more authority on language acquisition wrote an article which ranked the ease of learning languages.  Speak Easy, the Easiest Languages to Learn used many of the same arguments or proving points that I … Continue reading

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Facebook Fiasco

Jurors in Lancaster, PA in trouble for posting to Facebook while serving on the jury. The murder case was heavily reported on in the news, and apparentely the jury wanted to capitalize on their 15 minutes of fame, which is … Continue reading

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Do you remember?

Nathan Barry wrote an insightful list for wired.com – 100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About. The list shows how fast technology can change. Based on the comments that many people listed for the article, people are sentimental. They … Continue reading

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Bilingual Babies

There was an article released through the AP Press explaining the research behind how children become bilingual so easily. Even non-linguists have to admit that words are just made up of sounds. Each language has a set of sounds associated … Continue reading

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