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Dear Parents

Dear Parents, We are about to embark on a new journey. You will watch your babies transform into pre-teens, no longer elementary students, but 6th graders at the middle school. I am transitioning with them, from the Spanish teacher to … Continue reading

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Another Year, Another Reflection

There is so much that happened this year, so I apologize in advance. Most of my reflective posts are for me. Writing it helps me focus the reflection. However, there are some generally good suggestions that others can benefit from.

Changes to my Digital Toolbox:
Increased use of … Evernote, Fotobabble, Pixntell, Explain Everything, Educreations, Zondle, Socrative, Infuse Learning, Duolingo, Skitch, Copy, Animoto, i-nigma, and GoogleVoice.
Decreased use of … Voicethread, MakeBeliefsComix, StudyStack, Diigo, Say it Mail it, Moodle, and ActivInspire. Continue reading

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Wow! Another amazing EdCamp – I’m so glad I drove down to Metro DC yesterday. While driving home I mentally categorized my learning into a few groups: Generally Awesome Items, Tech Club Ideas, Social Studies Resources, and My Shares. Continue reading

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BYOT with Fotobabble/Educreations

What does BYOT actually look like? I know there is not a single correct answer, but this is the reality in my room: The majority of students (75% or more) have a device that can connect over wi-fi and text. … Continue reading

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BYOT club reflections… so far

We are in our fourth month of BYOT club so far at the middle school (with bi-weekly meetings, unless holidays interfere). The club was originally in a previous blog post after some disillusionment with professional development. Some things have gone … Continue reading

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Implementing iAnything (pad, pod touch, phone)

I have read many articles and blog posts, but this post has provided the greatest understanding of the needs for a successful program. Most suggestions apply to a BYOT environment, which is the direction of my district. The parts in bold are snippets from the 20 questions, the commentary around it is my own. Continue reading

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BYOT^4 Club

I came up with a solution that has taken form in the span of one week: BYOT^4 Club. The 4T’s are technology, tricks, tips, and tools. Continue reading

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Ten Again

These are my top ten tools for 2012 collected and described for C4LPT. The tools are listed in reverse alphabetic order – not by order of preference. This list has many repeats from last year. The tools with a star … Continue reading

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Still Apps-olutely

Recently I wrote a blog post describing apps that I would recommend for student use in a BYOT classroom. I do not feel like the reflective descriptions would be valuable for a middle school or high school audience, so I … Continue reading

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Apps-olutely Essential

As our district continues on the journey of BYOT, I wanted to put some thought into what I consider the essential education apps for students of all ages. The basic considerations for the apps: can it function across devices, the … Continue reading

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