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Dear Parents

Dear Parents, We are about to embark on a new journey. You will watch your babies transform into pre-teens, no longer elementary students, but 6th graders at the middle school. I am transitioning with them, from the Spanish teacher to … Continue reading

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Implementing iAnything (pad, pod touch, phone)

I have read many articles and blog posts, but this post has provided the greatest understanding of the needs for a successful program. Most suggestions apply to a BYOT environment, which is the direction of my district. The parts in bold are snippets from the 20 questions, the commentary around it is my own. Continue reading

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Flipped: Trends, Tips, Tools, and Myths

Below are the myths, conversations, resources, tools, and reflections gathered at ISTE for the flipped classroom. Continue reading

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EdmodoCon 2011 (again)

This is a continued reflection of EdmodoCon 2011 – the previous quote was just a quick snapshot of what was going on, this is going to include a lot more details, resource links, and ways I plan on implementing Edmodo … Continue reading

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Consider this a virtual beg for reviewers (insert cute begging eyes here). The benefit for people who check out the Techbook is it provides a collection of resources for 1st year Spanish that are amassed and grouped by topic. There … Continue reading

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Another learning quote…

Motivational poster created with Big Huge Labs. Image was licensed Creative Commons from Davidfntau on Flickr. The quote was posted on Twitter @Russeltarr.

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Student Feedback

[This blog post is in response to the Education Tech Carnival] The novelty of using technology is starting to wear off. It is not something that is occasionally and magically pulled out of a hat to enrich a lesson. The … Continue reading

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First Week

The first week of school was successful. The students were very excited to come up and use the Promethean Board – it is amazing how much excitement can be generated to drag & drop. Technology used week one: Moodle, class … Continue reading

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Technology Goals

As much as it pains me to think – the start of the new school year will be here soon. There were some technology usage that went outstanding last year and there were some failures. Because of both the success … Continue reading

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Still jealous of ISTE

I almost couldn’t tolerate hearing the gloating of my PLN during ISTE; and by gloating I mean the non-stop sharing of the powerfully potential ideas they were sharing on Twitter. I guess it was better to hear about the resources … Continue reading

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