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Dear Parents

Dear Parents, We are about to embark on a new journey. You will watch your babies transform into pre-teens, no longer elementary students, but 6th graders at the middle school. I am transitioning with them, from the Spanish teacher to … Continue reading

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In-Service Inspiration

Yesterday was an In-Service day. Although it is not my favorite way to spend a day, I did find value in what my department created. We were re-introduced to the revised version of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Random side note: I love … Continue reading

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Relationship Advice

This is PLN/PLC relationship advice from an unlikely source: Utah’s Stronger Marriage Org. I originally saw the image of collaboration posted on Google+ and I traced it back to the creator. There are two videos to support the stronger relationships … Continue reading

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I forgot how much I enjoyed exploring Go2Web2.0 – I searched it when I took my first educational technology workshop years ago. Back then, there were not 71 pages of options to explore. I spent [insert embarrassing number] of hours … Continue reading

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Wikified Reflection

As someone who uses technology all the time in my classroom when teaching, surprisingly it was not until recently that I realized the full collaborative power of using a Wiki. For my grad class we had a huge collaborative project. … Continue reading

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I will be co-presenting & I have a group of students presenting at the Student Showcase for PETE&C in Hershey in February 2010. I am so excited about both. My presentation is: Bringing Global Connections Home with Moodle. It is … Continue reading

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It feels good to know that resources I am creating are being shared. Of course, it still shocks me how frequently some of my activities are used. I put two activities of AR verb practice on Quia, the other day … Continue reading

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