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A New Year of Goals

This year is slightly different than previous years; I actually get to prep for a 1:1 iPad classroom instead of a BYOT environment. I thrived with BYOT, but it did leave some room for improvement with equality (self-explanatory) and consistency … Continue reading

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In-Service Inspiration

Yesterday was an In-Service day. Although it is not my favorite way to spend a day, I did find value in what my department created. We were re-introduced to the revised version of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Random side note: I love … Continue reading

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Ten Again

These are my top ten tools for 2012 collected and described for C4LPT. The tools are listed in reverse alphabetic order – not by order of preference. This list has many repeats from last year. The tools with a star … Continue reading

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I used Pixton with my 8th grade students for an in class chapter summary – it was one of the creative options they had. They were either frustrated by all the options or loved playing to get the image exactly … Continue reading

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I forgot how much I enjoyed exploring Go2Web2.0 – I searched it when I took my first educational technology workshop years ago. Back then, there were not 71 pages of options to explore. I spent [insert embarrassing number] of hours … Continue reading

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Happily I finished my Master’s and graduated last month. Surprisingly, I miss the access to Adobe Photoshop. Not enough to buy the full version, but it was nice to be able to access Photoshop for quick jobs through the university. … Continue reading

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The brainstorm for using Furbles came from reading the post on The Whiteboard Blog. It is meant as a charting tool for math. However, it also has potential for Q&A in Spanish. The timing of the blog post from the … Continue reading

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Making media design simpler

I have always been confident in my ability to know what looked good and what didn’t – even before I had a design graduate class and the vocabulary to correctly explain why. The media design class has made me look … Continue reading

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Another great resource shared through the Free Technology for Teachers blog: SimpleDiagrams. This goes along perfectly with everything we have been talking about in my LTMS645 graduate class – Visual Representation for Learning and Communicating. We are using The Back … Continue reading

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Select Colorization in Photoshop

I have acquired a new skill – select colorization in Photoshop AKA the Pleasantville Effect. Each of the pictures below were created in under 10 minutes. I found the images on Flickr searching for Creative Commons images with a World … Continue reading

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