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Creative Commons

Written as a response to the Ed Tech Blog Carnival 2012. Copyright, piracy, fair use, and freedom of Internet has gotten a lot of attention recently, especially with the coverage of the United States Congress reviewing and possibly voting on … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

What is the significance of a name? The name of an item or a person is the way to identify them. With computer files, naming conventions either make it easy or impossible to find exactly what the user is searching … Continue reading

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Frontline: Digital Nation

With the cold weather and snow, last night felt like a cool time to curl up on the couch and watch TV. I did not like any of the options – until I saw Frontline. This is not a program … Continue reading

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Are our students ready for the future?

I have seen many great inspirational posters – I was motivated to create my own. I found the “inspirational poster creator” through a Google search. The choices at Big Huge Labs were all easy to use.  I found the quote … Continue reading

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Facebook is a good thing

Yesterday I saw two different blog posts about the benefits of Facebook (blogs & other social media sites) for increasing student confidence when it comes to writing. Researchers Say the Social Web Improves Kids’ Literacy (Geeks Say ‘Duh’) Study: Children … Continue reading

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Digital Footprints

I think this is a powerful and true statement. We need to explain the significance of this to our students and accept it ourselves. There are many things that will always exist on the web. It is not like writing … Continue reading

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