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World Shipping Monopoly

The most time intensive application activity I have ever set up is World Shipping Monopoly, which says something because of how many breakouts I have created. The original activity was inspired by the Boxcars, a world trade/shipping simulation created in … Continue reading

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How students sold me on the joy of learning with Nearpod

I will admit that I knew about Nearpod for years (like four of them) before I had my ah-ha moment. This week provided multiple concrete examples of why I am thrilled that my district pays for my premium Nearpod account. … Continue reading

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Five Minute Primary Source Lesson

Sometimes I feel a slump in my lesson planning creativity. During such an occurrence I saw a tweet from @TeacherToolkit which sparked interest. The title was catchy and so was the visual outline for the 5 Minute Lesson Plan… I started to dig out resources discovered at Edcamps and Conferences from the past. I wanted to bring Primary Source resources into the class. Continue reading

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Brainstorms for Geography

Summer has a way of inspiring great ideas because there is no pressure to write lesson plans. These are some of my lesson brainstorms for teaching different parts of the geography curriculum that I do not want to forget. Absolute Location … Continue reading

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State Games

Sometimes we ask students to memorize information. Technology can help (or hurt if done poorly). For memorizing the United States of America, their region, and abbreviation I gathered resources. Some of the games I found, some I modified, and some … Continue reading

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Now What? My Plan

On my final ISTE Connects blog post I outlined a post-ISTE proposal for how to make sure the learning does not stop in San Antonio. There were five steps: 5. Take five deep breaths. 4. What were your favorite four … Continue reading

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Geography Lesson

I am so excited that I am starting a new chapter in my life – one that will be written in English instead of Spanish. I have loved teaching Spanish, and much of my background will serve me well teaching … Continue reading

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Position Wanted: Social Studies

My dream job is digital content curation; however, it would not be a good match. I am too much of a perfectionist and could not finish projects in a timely manner. If you ask me how long something took to … Continue reading

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