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Brainstorms for Geography

Summer has a way of inspiring great ideas because there is no pressure to write lesson plans. These are some of my lesson brainstorms for teaching different parts of the geography curriculum that I do not want to forget. Absolute Location … Continue reading

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GoogleGlass Week4

Today is my one month anniversary for class. Our bond has successfully lasted as long as most of my high school relationships, with the same emotional up and downs, elation to frustration to joy to confusion. This week I dreamed … Continue reading

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GoogleGlass Week3

The excitement this week was bringing Google Glass to BYOT^4  Club. I created a FlipChart to explain the different functions they could try with GoogleGlass. Because the ratio of students to Glass was not balanced, I told the students to research … Continue reading

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GoogleGlass week 2

There was something different about wearing Google Glass for the second week. The biggest change was my willingness to let more people try it on. That made me nervous the first week. Thanks to novice users, I appeared in a … Continue reading

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GoogleGlass week one

Last Saturday I had a wonderful day trip to New York City to pick up my Google Glass. In the past week I have found many uses for the Glass but also found a few things I wish were different. … Continue reading

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EdCampHome inspired ParentCamp

Wow. That simple word summarizes my initial reaction and continuing respect for the organizers of #EdCampHome. I’m a huge fan of EdCamps and have attended in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Metro DC. This year I want to get a couple teachers … Continue reading

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Geography Lesson

I am so excited that I am starting a new chapter in my life – one that will be written in English instead of Spanish. I have loved teaching Spanish, and much of my background will serve me well teaching … Continue reading

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