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Collaborative iBook Publishing

I would love if more people shared an Edcamp story. It does not have to be long or life altering, it could just be something funny or memorable. I have so many stories I could tell, like the multiple road trips, or the mouse in the house at Edcamp Philly 2013, or the friends I seek out every edcamp I attend … PLEASE SHARE A STORY. Encourage others to attend a local edcamp. Continue reading

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Brainstorms for Geography

Summer has a way of inspiring great ideas because there is no pressure to write lesson plans. These are some of my lesson brainstorms for teaching different parts of the geography curriculum that I do not want to forget. Absolute Location … Continue reading

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Apple Flavored Kool-Aid

Have I drunk the Apple flavored Kool-Aid? And would it be such a bad thing if I had? It started gradually when I wanted to understand what the students used to study and entertain themselves. I bough the iPod Touch … Continue reading

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BYOT club reflections… so far

We are in our fourth month of BYOT club so far at the middle school (with bi-weekly meetings, unless holidays interfere). The club was originally in a previous blog post after some disillusionment with professional development. Some things have gone … Continue reading

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