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BYOT club reflections… so far

We are in our fourth month of BYOT club so far at the middle school (with bi-weekly meetings, unless holidays interfere). The club was originally in a previous blog post after some disillusionment with professional development. Some things have gone … Continue reading

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Implementing iAnything (pad, pod touch, phone)

I have read many articles and blog posts, but this post has provided the greatest understanding of the needs for a successful program. Most suggestions apply to a BYOT environment, which is the direction of my district. The parts in bold are snippets from the 20 questions, the commentary around it is my own. Continue reading

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Apps-olutely Essential

As our district continues on the journey of BYOT, I wanted to put some thought into what I consider the essential education apps for students of all ages. The basic considerations for the apps: can it function across devices, the … Continue reading

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Current Language Learning Obsessions

There are two new (or new to me) digital tools to improve language skills. PlaySay PlaySay is a free iTunes app. Currently you can only practice Spanish and English pronunciation. The game is simple but genius. You ‘unlock’ phrases by … Continue reading

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Tech and Travel

Technology has completely altered travel. Some parts I think are for the best: signs of effective evolution. Most of my reflections are with iPhones or another smartphone, but all mobile devices have played a part in the alteration. When relying … Continue reading

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Encounters of a Digital Textbook

There has been a huge focus on using digital textbooks, in an effort to save money and engage the students more. There has been moderate success in California with math and science textbooks since there has been a state mandate … Continue reading

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Copa Mundial

The first time I remember watching lots of World Cup games was the 1994 World Cup hosted in the United States. It was the first time my family got cable TV because we did not want to miss any of … Continue reading

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If I gave a student $3 …

… I do not think the first thing they would go out and buy is the mobile Moodle App – mTouch. The students have really enjoyed downloading the free educational apps that I have recommended (actually it was probably getting … Continue reading

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I’ve heard the rumors before on Twitter, but here is the evidence that they ARE working to develop an App for Moodle. I’m excited … especially since I now own an iPod Touch and will be able to play with … Continue reading

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iPod Touch

While at PETE&C I attended a great presentation on using iPods as a replacement to a traditional computing platform in the classroom. I was inspired. There are so many free apps, and new ones are being developed everyday. I wanted … Continue reading

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