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Learning Opportunity

My professional life has come full circle. In July 2009, I took LTMS600 and loved every minute and every lesson learned. I created my blog after learning about blogging and seeing the potential for public reflection and connection. Since I … Continue reading

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LTMS Presentation

So … this is my back up plan for sharing (created in the two ten minute breaks). It contains the presentation, the final project/product, and other useful links.  I hope to demonstrate all the hard work that went into the project. LINKS (that will be … Continue reading

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Consider this a virtual beg for reviewers (insert cute begging eyes here). The benefit for people who check out the Techbook is it provides a collection of resources for 1st year Spanish that are amassed and grouped by topic. There … Continue reading

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Visual Represenation of Culture

This is the presentation created for LTMS645: Visual Representation for Learning and Communication. The project needed to follow visual design principles. This was an introduction to the culture and geography unit for first year Spanish students. Each slide features a … Continue reading

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Response to the Textbook Challenge

There was a post on Dangerously Irrelevant challenging teachers and parents to examine the quality of textbooks compared to free materials that are available online. Conveniently this is what I spent a semester researching for my graduate work. There might … Continue reading

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ISTE Advice?

I was excited when I learned that ISTE2011 will be held in Philadelphia. That means it is realistic to attend: thanks to the economy, anything further than 30 miles from the school district is not an accepted expense. Also a … Continue reading

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Seeking Project Feedback

Goal: Create a digital resource for middle school Spanish teachers and students that support the foreign language standards in a 1-to-1 classroom environment. Objectives: Determine the resource needs of the teachers and the students. Select the best delivery method for … Continue reading

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