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Pobre Ana Animoto

Animoto is an easy video creation tool. There are many pre-set options, but there are parts to be customized so you can achieve the desired effect. You can request a teacher account so many of the extra options become free. … Continue reading

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Popplet App

This great suggestion came from David Baugh and his idea to use iPads for Language Lessons – his video demo focused on summarizing an English novel, but this easily translated to our Spanish novel, Pobre Ana. I used the Popplet … Continue reading

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GoAnimate Edmodo

I was able to try a couple of the new Edmodo Apps – GoAnimate was my first choice. The simple cartoon creation allowed me to create my own version of the dialogue between Ana & Patricia for chapter 5 of … Continue reading

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Glog Pobre Ana

In the tradition of Pobre Ana chapters 1, 2, & 3 – I have created a resource for students to use to pre-read and review the chapter of Pobre Ana. Chapter 4 is in Glog format. Make sure to click … Continue reading

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Google Maps for Novel

I have blogged before about using Pobre Ana as an easy Spanish novel to supplement and show students content in context. For every chapter I am trying to create a summary using a different tool. The goal is to encourage … Continue reading

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I used Pixton with my 8th grade students for an in class chapter summary – it was one of the creative options they had. They were either frustrated by all the options or loved playing to get the image exactly … Continue reading

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Pobre Ana Prezi

I love Prezi in theory, but I am too much of a perfectionist to use it on a regular basis. However, I had a free day and dedicated it to making a Prezi for the 6th grade novel Pobre Ana. … Continue reading

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