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ISTE Socials

The expectation that everything posted with the hash tag #ISTE13 will be life altering is unrealistic. Yes, you should Tweet responsibility, but that does not mean abstaining from Twitter when not in official sessions. There currently is an outpouring of … Continue reading

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Learning Opportunity

My professional life has come full circle. In July 2009, I took LTMS600 and loved every minute and every lesson learned. I created my blog after learning about blogging and seeing the potential for public reflection and connection. Since I … Continue reading

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Not a single person has all the answers, so we must rely on the kindness and knowledge of strangers (and sometimes not so unfamiliar faces). I gain the majority of my great ideas from the conversations and inspiration I get … Continue reading

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A chance to brag and be grateful

I was nominated for a PA Tech Quest award. I pretend that it was cool but of little personal importance. However, after a day of voting I went from middle of the pack to number one. That makes the pretending … Continue reading

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I forgot how much I enjoyed exploring Go2Web2.0 – I searched it when I took my first educational technology workshop years ago. Back then, there were not 71 pages of options to explore. I spent [insert embarrassing number] of hours … Continue reading

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Moodle Meet Ning

I have joined other Nings in the past … but the Moodle Meet Ning is the one I have found the most valuable so far, especially the forum. Plugins for Moodle Nano Gong – record voice and edit Assignment Block … Continue reading

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Facebook is a good thing

Yesterday I saw two different blog posts about the benefits of Facebook (blogs & other social media sites) for increasing student confidence when it comes to writing. Researchers Say the Social Web Improves Kids’ Literacy (Geeks Say ‘Duh’) Study: Children … Continue reading

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How Facebook’s New Privacy Changes Will Affect You

How Facebook’s New Privacy Changes Will Affect You tags: facebook, privacy However, for Facebook‘s user base, now 350 million strong, the updates represent a major overhaul as to how privacy is handled on the site. Change #1: No More Regional … Continue reading

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Cell Phone Success

I have successfully used cell phones in my 8th grade Spanish classes. Before I planned on using them, I set up a survey through Google Forms so I could see how many of my students would be excluded from the … Continue reading

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Everyone probably starts off as a skeptic of the value of PLNs. However, when people stop tweeting about being stuck in traffic or wishing it were the weekend, you can end up with an awesome tool. There is no possible … Continue reading

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