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Facebook Fiasco

Jurors in Lancaster, PA in trouble for posting to Facebook while serving on the jury. The murder case was heavily reported on in the news, and apparentely the jury wanted to capitalize on their 15 minutes of fame, which is … Continue reading

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I really enjoyed using the back channel chat during our LTMS600 graduate class. It was something exciting and new. Because we were chatting, it felt like I was getting away with something I wasn’t supposed to do. I know some … Continue reading

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Bilingual Babies

There was an article released through the AP Press explaining the research behind how children become bilingual so easily. Even non-linguists have to admit that words are just made up of sounds. Each language has a set of sounds associated … Continue reading

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Digital Footprints

I think this is a powerful and true statement. We need to explain the significance of this to our students and accept it ourselves. There are many things that will always exist on the web. It is not like writing … Continue reading

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In college a professor gave everyone in the class a goldfish. She told us that as education majors and future teachers, we were like goldfish in a glass bowl. Our actions could be watched at any time. It does not … Continue reading

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Value of Social Networking

The way people make friends has not actually changed, but the verb “to friend” has. The transformation of friendships into something digital has made “friending” people as easy as clicking a few buttons. Thanks to Facebook and other sites, we … Continue reading

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Visual Quotes

A word might be worth a thousand pictures, but I love the combinations of great motivational quotes and pictures.

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