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Distance Learning Reflections

COMMUNICATION Weekly Announcement – this worked mostly as anticipated. Some students requested more detail in the directions, but most were content with the cliff notes version with the wealth of links directly to the assignment. Parents often commented that they … Continue reading

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RE: Summer Institute

The Summer Institute of Mobile Technology at Millersville University was the perfect reminder of why I love technology. Due to some winter negativity directed towards me, I had shut down and took the opportunity to recharge my non-digital life. I … Continue reading

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Another Year, Another Reflection

There is so much that happened this year, so I apologize in advance. Most of my reflective posts are for me. Writing it helps me focus the reflection. However, there are some generally good suggestions that others can benefit from.

Changes to my Digital Toolbox:
Increased use of … Evernote, Fotobabble, Pixntell, Explain Everything, Educreations, Zondle, Socrative, Infuse Learning, Duolingo, Skitch, Copy, Animoto, i-nigma, and GoogleVoice.
Decreased use of … Voicethread, MakeBeliefsComix, StudyStack, Diigo, Say it Mail it, Moodle, and ActivInspire. Continue reading

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Digital Textbook Playbook

Corresponding with Digital Learning Day, the FCC (with collaboration from miscellaneous government groups) released a Digital Textbook Playbook for encouraging and helping districts to embrace digital technology as a way to enhance education. President Obama also mentioned the goal of … Continue reading

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A chance to brag and be grateful

I was nominated for a PA Tech Quest award. I pretend that it was cool but of little personal importance. However, after a day of voting I went from middle of the pack to number one. That makes the pretending … Continue reading

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LTMS Graduate Open House

Below are examples from some of the classes I have taken in the LTMS program at Harrisburg University. The descriptions and goal of each course can be found online. LTMS500: Instructional Design Moodle Quiz Tutorial LTMS510:  Learning Technologies and Solutions … Continue reading

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Summer Semester

Tomorrow is the beginning and the end. My summer graduate classes start so the do-nothing relaxing summer portion of my summer is officially over. Both classes should focus on technology and design. The design portion of the classes is going … Continue reading

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Jog the Web

Jog the Web has awesome potential as a tool for teachers who have a specific set of websites they want students to visit. I found this resource through multiple people I follow on Twitter who were attending a World Language … Continue reading

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Reflections from PETE&C

This has taken a week to write because honestly it was so much to take in initially – that some of the information has just sunk in and made sense. I am very glad that I got the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Technology in Modern Foreign Language

This is an inspirational and somewhat quick read for how actual MFL teachers are using technology in their classes to increase engagement and teach more efficiently. A side note: the majority of the people who contributed to this e-Book have … Continue reading

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