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Frontline: Digital Nation

With the cold weather and snow, last night felt like a cool time to curl up on the couch and watch TV. I did not like any of the options – until I saw Frontline. This is not a program … Continue reading

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Horton Timer-Picker

Mmmm … I really like the Horton Timer-Picker, but it is not free. Is it worth $45? I am still undecided. It was perfect for in class discussions. It randomly picks a person to talk, and there is a countdown … Continue reading

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I will be co-presenting & I have a group of students presenting at the Student Showcase for PETE&C in Hershey in February 2010. I am so excited about both. My presentation is: Bringing Global Connections Home with Moodle. It is … Continue reading

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Flipping over these …

… in a great way. Thanks to my PLN I saw the tweets about the 2-for-1 offers on Flip Videos from Digital Wish. They arrived in the mail yesterday and I had to try them out today in class. Besides, … Continue reading

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Work arounds

The year is going strong and crazy. I love having so much more technology to use in the classroom. However, it is a leap of faith to use in the classroom. You never know when something is going to decide … Continue reading

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Flip Video parte 2

Earlier this week I blogged about my wish list for the future. It was short, consisting only of a flip video (preferably in an interesting color). Today I found research that proves the academic benefits of using mini video projects … Continue reading

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Flip Video

I might believe in Santa Claus, but I already have a list written. It only has one item on it – a Flip Video. David Pogue highlights the basic functions of the flip video. However, the possibilities are endless. Larry … Continue reading

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SnagFilms Widget

SnagFilms has the potential to be a great addition to a classroom. There are limited films for Spanish right now, but they are frequently adding more titles. In 8th grade the students read a short novel that takes place in … Continue reading

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Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning – Annotated Emerging Technologies for Learning. I believe that this is a great resource for someone who is thinking about emerging their classroom in technology. There are many questions that need to be answered … Continue reading

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Podcasting through PodBean Listen to this episode The podcast was relatively easy to create using Audacity (which is FREE and a great tool). There are many sites dedicated to Copyright Friendly music. With the newest version of Audacity, the music … Continue reading

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