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Digital Delivery Decision

I need to choose a digital delivery tool for the Spanish textbook supplement I am creating (it will function more like a practice workbook, with easy access to grammar notes or vocabulary lists). I have narrowed it down to three … Continue reading

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This is not a new website. I played around with it over a year ago. My main struggle was uploading PDFs or other files to the binder. As long as I had a website address, I had no problems.  I … Continue reading

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Encounters of a Digital Textbook

There has been a huge focus on using digital textbooks, in an effort to save money and engage the students more. There has been moderate success in California with math and science textbooks since there has been a state mandate … Continue reading

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I generally distrust experts when it comes to educational technology – it changes everyday. So many people are great at finding resources and incorporating them in ways that enhance their classroom lessons. However, using the label expert makes it seem … Continue reading

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