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I previously wrote about Duolingo when it was first in Beta. This summer I spent many pleasant hours on Duolingo, convinced to learn French. Duolingo teaches languages in a more authentic way – not memorizing lists of vocabulary or filling out conjugation … Continue reading

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Ten Again

These are my top ten tools for 2012 collected and described for C4LPT. The tools are listed in reverse alphabetic order – not by order of preference. This list has many repeats from last year. The tools with a star … Continue reading

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Flipped: Trends, Tips, Tools, and Myths

Below are the myths, conversations, resources, tools, and reflections gathered at ISTE for the flipped classroom. Continue reading

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Current Language Learning Obsessions

There are two new (or new to me) digital tools to improve language skills. PlaySay PlaySay is a free iTunes app. Currently you can only practice Spanish and English pronunciation. The game is simple but genius. You ‘unlock’ phrases by … Continue reading

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Two weeks that altered my teaching

This is going to start off as a tale about digital storytelling, then it is going to detour down a few side tracks. The tale will end with my ah ha moment that will shake and shift my teaching philosophy. … Continue reading

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I used Pixton with my 8th grade students for an in class chapter summary – it was one of the creative options they had. They were either frustrated by all the options or loved playing to get the image exactly … Continue reading

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Incorporating Edmodo in my classroom is my main technology goal for this school year. I would only be using it with my 8th graders. Many of the core teachers (aka Communication Arts, American History, and Science) already use Edmodo with … Continue reading

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Consider this a virtual beg for reviewers (insert cute begging eyes here). The benefit for people who check out the Techbook is it provides a collection of resources for 1st year Spanish that are amassed and grouped by topic. There … Continue reading

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Voice Space Race

Voice Space Race is a feature being tested in beta on Quizlet. This is perfect for 6th grade students who are slow at typing (I guess this characteristic is not restricted to my younger students). Instead of typing the correct … Continue reading

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Bad Translator!

This useful idea came from the Make Use of Blog. I knew I would lose the link between now and when I needed it – so I figured I should write a short blog post. Bad Translator will take an … Continue reading

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